Partial projects list

*P=producer *E=engineer *M=mix engineer

Adelaine LP P/E/M :Rock/Pop

The Future Is Me LP P/E/M Master :Rock

Verses Angels LP M Master :Rock/Pop

Divided By Friday Warped Tour Single P/E/M Master

Come What May LP P/E/M Master :Rock/Hardcore

Drawing North EP M :Rock/Pop

The Offer LP P/M Master :Rock

Burden The Hand EP P/E/M Master :Rock

The Capital EP P/E/M Master : Rock/Pop

Sumerlin EP P/E/M Master : Rock/Pop

Divided By Friday EP P/E Master : Pop/Rock

Sent By Ravens LP Pre-Production : Rock

A Rise Of Kings P/E/M Master : Rock/Hardcore

Nebraska Jones P/E/M Master : Indie/Pop

Friends Of Fiends EP P/E/M Master : Hardcore

Hadwynn EP P/E/M Master : Indie/Rock

Matt Bartlett EP P/E/M Master : Worship

Set It Off EP P/E/M : Pop/Rock

Beaty Bass EP P/E/M Master :Worship

I Anthem EP P/E/M Master : Rock

Embracing Goodbye LP P/E/M : Hardcore

Sent By Ravens Christmas Single P/E

Fuse Box Poet LP P/E/M : Rock/Pop

Life On Repeat Single Master : Rock/Hardcore

Sumerlin EP P/E/M Master : Rock/Pop

A Place Past Hope EP P/E/M Master : Rock/Hardcore

Doubting Benefit EP P/E/M Master : Rock/Hardcore

Prologic 13 EP P/E/M Master : Rock

At Last Glance Single P/E/M Master : Pop/Rock

The Separate EP P/E/M Master : Pop/Rock

Mercy Mercedes LP Pre-Production : Pop

Sent By Ravens LP Pre-Production : Rock/Hardcore

Your Name In Vain LP The Painter, The Canvas, The Muse M Master : Rock/Hardcore

I, The Captive EP Faceless P/E/M Master : Rock/Hardcore

Runaway City EP P/E/M Master : Rock/Christian

As Your Own EP P/E/M Master : Rock/Hardcore

Symphony for the Heist EP Defend It or Let It Go P/E/M Master : Rock/Progressive

Belson EP It’s Only Business P/E/M Master : Rock/Pop

Embracing Goodbye LP The Fortunate Ones P/E/M Master : Southern Rock/Hardcore

6:22 Worship LP A New Day is Rising P/E/M Master : Worship/Rock

Sent By Ravens EP The Effects of Fashion and Prayer P/E/M Master : Rock/Hardcore

Inside The Flame Single P/E/M : Rock/Pop

Ailyne EP The Masquerade P/E/M Master : Pop

Five Cent Wing EP Fall in Love with Fiction P/E/M Master : Pop/Rock

6:22 Ministries Live LP E/M Master : Worship

Hadwynn EP P/E/M Master : Hardcore/Indie

Though He Slay Me Demo E/M Master : Hardcore/Metal

Mercy Mercedes EP-preproduction : Pop/Rock

The Fear Before Falling EP E/M Master : Pop

Sunset Greets The Moon EP P/E/M Master : Pop/Happy Hardcore

The Winter Mission EP E/M Master : Pop/Punk

With Lovers Eyes EP E/M Master : Hardcore/Metal

Rebekah Todd EP P/E/M Master : Acoustic/Folk

The Avenger EP P/E/M Master : Hardcore/Metal

The Olympian Society Demo E/M : Hardcore/Rock

Romeo Is Bleeding EP P/E/M Master : hardcore/metal/screamo

Letters To Aberden LP P/E/M Master : screamo/post hardcore

Offshore Lights EP P/E/M Master : emo/screamo/rock

The Gift Horse EP E/M Master :acoustic/folk

All Pro Flyer Demo P/E/M Master :emo/punk

The Grace Series EP P/E/M Master :christian/emo/rock